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By creating a buyer profile, you are providing a direct online portal to you as a buyer.   Add compelling and informative content to build your brand and show off your qualifications.   In these competitive times, where good deals are scarce, standing out

A favorable BuyerScout rating lets others know you have a strong track record of performance.   Above all, sellers and brokers covet buyers who can close on-time and without a hitch.   Our multi-point grading system helps to decipher who are the strong buyers and who are not.

Maximize your exposure by periodically updating your profile with current information.  Also, make an effort to fill out as many profile segments as possible.  

There are several ways to drive eyeballs to your profile.  Add links from your social media back to your profile.  You can also hyperlink a BuyerScout badge on your email signature and website.  For more ideas, check out the Buyer Scoring page.

It’s important to maximize your chances for a successful sale of your property.  BuyerScout puts you in direct contact with active buyers looking for your property type. After finding eligible buyers, choosing the right buyer is paramount.  Just as you wouldn’t hire a new employee without reviewing their background, nor should you pick a buyer without similar research.

Instead of passively posting your property on a listing service and waiting for a buyer, take control by pushing out your listing directly to active buyers who have acknowledged an interest in your property type and location.

Buyer profiles can provide a complete buyer snapshot.  The Buyer Stats section is particularly helpful because it displays number of years as a property buyer, number of properties purchased and construction experience.  Most importantly, this section displays the BuyerScout Rating, which is a multi-point grading system.  Also, it is suggested to click the reviews tab to see buyer reviews from parties involved in previous transactions with buyer.

We use Stripe’s secure payment system, which allows us to accept credit cards.

Absolutely!  This can be done by going to the My Subscription(s) tab under your account page and clicking the Change Your Plan button.

This can be done by going to the My Subscription(s) tab under your account page and clicking the Cancel button.

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