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BuyerScout Rating System

BuyerScout rates buyers using a multi-point review process. Each buyer is evaluated on 10 key indicators. The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive, and diverse listing of buyers that can be used as a resource for sellers and other professionals searching for active buyers.

Key Indicators

Reputable buyer?
You've earned the right to inform others.  

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BuyerScout Toolkit

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Copy Free Badge


  1. Pick your badge size below
  2. Right-click over the badge image and click “copy image” or “save image as.” (Mobile: Touch and hold the badge image and click “save” to save the image to your device).
  3. Position where you want the badge and right-click “Paste.”
  4. Go to your BuyerScout profile, copy URL.
  5. Link your badge to your BuyerScout profile.

Email us if you need another badge size.

Consult your technical support team for any implementation issues.

Get Buyer Scored

Upgrade to BuyerScout Pro and get scored. 

Your score is based on a combination of factors that reflect your ability to perform on future transactions.

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BuyerScout Pro members will be provided image sizes upon request.

Your Badge Speaks Volumes

Linking your badge to your digital assets can pay dividends – like winning competitive bidding situations, getting “first calls” from sellers and brokers, or landing a joint venture or money partner. 


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Social Media

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Include your badge on promotional material to present a consistent image


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