Matching Buyers And Sellers Efficiently

Traditionally, sellers market their properties on a public listing service and patiently wait for a smitten buyer. With every passing day the properties risk being forgotten, or worse yet, perceived as stale. BuyerScout takes a more proactive approach by aggegating an up-to-date database of verified buyers looking to buy.  Using BuyerScout, sellers and agents can effectively broadcast time sensitive real estate opportunities to a relevant and receptive group of buyers.

New property postings trigger algorithms that push out property details to targeted buyers identified as a property match.  Property details and communication between parties happens out of public view, keeping deals fresh and exclusive to every buyer.  Buyers and sellers can search, evaluate and communicate amongst themselves to determine if the match is worth exploring.

Rethinking Real Estate

BuyerScout is a curated directory of active property buyers across all property types. Buyers create in-depth profiles, called “buyer listings,” where they disclose what they want to buy and what makes them a qualified buyer.  Users can apply multiple filters to dial down on a buyer pool as large or small as needed. 

Who Needs BuyerScout?

    • Put your deal in front of active buyers.
    • Avoid commissions.  Find your own buyer.
    • Post a free property listing.
    • Get email alerts of new, relevant buyers.
    • Multiple offers? Pick the most qualified buyer.
    • Research a buyer’s background & experience.
    • Gain access to off-market listings that other buyers arent able to see.  Negotiate directly with sellers.
    • Spread the word that your an active buyer.
    • Cultivate sellers & agents who can source off-market deals.
    • Create single online location for your qualifications & criteria.
    • Get an edge in multiple offer situations by giving sellers & agents easy access to your comprehensive buyer profile.
    • Find active buyers for your listings.
    • Boost commissions. Source your own buyers.
    • Investigate a buyer’s background & experience.
    • Avoid working with buyers who don’t perform.
    • Find buyers to assign over your deals.
    • Do research to weed out flakey buyers.
    • Conduct due-diligence for potential JV partners.
    • Check reviews to confirm buyer reputation.

Sellers And Agents

We Give You The Tools You Need

Ready to sell? Find motivated buyers for your property.  We provide direct access to a verified pool of active buyers who have expressed a current interest in purchasing real estate. Discover, evaluate and reach out to qualified buyers.

Property Listings display text, images, files, video and more. Immediately after posting your listing, computer algorithms filter for relevant buyers, then send email alerts that a new listing, matching their criteria, has posted. 

Sign up for instant emails and receive notifications to your inbox when new buyer listings are posted from buyers looking to purchase properties of your type and location.

Buyers-- If you can't be found, you don't exist.

Build your brand. Show off your qualifications

Give Sellers a complete picture of you--the buyer. Add compelling and informative content to set you apart in competitive bidding situations.
Shortly after posting your buyer listing, computer algorithms retrieve relevant sellers and send them an email alert that a new buyer match has posted.
Property listings matching your requirements trigger instant notifications to your email inbox. Property listings are only viewable to registered buyers on the platform and not to the general public.
BuyerScout rates buyers using a multi-point review process. These ratings are utilized by others to guage the reliability of prospective buyers to successfully close on future transactions.
Set yourself apart from other buyers by displaying your badge on your digital assets; including email signature, website, social media and purchase offers. Then link your badge to your BuyerScout profile to draw awareness to your qualifications.
Get first crack at off-market deals, joint venture opportunities and special situations. Now opportunity knows where to knock.

In-Depth Buyer Listings

Build Your Profile. Show off your qualifications

Buyer Acquisition Criteria

Target Property Type
Target Location By City & County
Price Points
Key Deal Points
Purchase Timeframe
Property Metrics

Buyer Bio

Activity Overview
# Years Buying Experience
# Properties Purchased
Buying Strategy
Construction Experience
Recent Transactions

Buyer Media

Buyer Reviews (only by parties to a transaction)
BuyerScout Rating
Social Network Links
Gallery Images
Buyer Video
Website Link
File & Document Uploads

Other Profile Features

Profile Sharing
Direct Email (Pro package)
Buyer Dashboard--Track Content & Profile Views

BuyerScout Delivers
Deal Flow To Buyers

Every day, people come to BuyerScout to seek out and evaluate buyers.  Our objective is to drive traffic to the platform and let our buyers’ profiles speak for themselves.  

Get Scored. Get Noticed.

Give the world a direct line to you.

Our Buyer Ratings are quickly becoming the industry standard.

Display your badge on your email signature, website, social media, and purchase offers. Then link your badge to your Buyerscout profile for maximum exposure.

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