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*Build Your Brand / Show Off Qualifications
*Communicate Your Property Wants
*Boost Deal Flow
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Traditional Selling Process


Sellers place their property on a public listing service and passively wait for buyers to find their property.

New Proactive Approach


Go on the offensive by pushing out your property offering to receptive buyers looking for your property type.

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Post A Property

Sellers, got a good real estate opportunity? Test buyer demand or try finding your own buyer. Your post is instantly sent to matching buyers.

Jumpstart Your Property Marketing

Fill out property post with
your offering Information

Post is instantly sent out to matching buyers

Interested buyers will reach out using in-app email portal

Engage/negotiate with buyers
at your own pace

Search For Buyers

Buyer profiles include current real estate needs, buyer qualifications and reviews from peers.  Apply multiple search filters to retrieve the desired buyer pool.

Who Needs BuyerScout?

Property Sellers

    • Sell faster by placing your deal in front of matching buyers.
    • Avoid commissions by finding your own buyer.
    • Research a buyer’s background and experience.
    • Minimize escrow fall-outs by picking only qualified buyers.
    • Directly communicate with buyers privately.


    • Source buyers to assign over your deals.
    • Do research to weed out unreliable buyers.
    • Build a list of go-to buyers.

Property Buyers

    • Single online location for easy third party access.
    • Build your brand. Show off your qualifications.
    • Get access to off-market listings.
    • Negotiate directly with sellers.
    • Spread the word that your in-the-market for a property
    • Make connections with sellers and agents.


    • Conduct due diligence on investor background.
    • Check reviews to confirm a buyer’s reputation.
    • Find buyers for potential joint venture opportunties.

brokers and agents

    • Find active buyers for your listings.
    • Source your own buyers and boost commissions
    • Investigate a buyer’s background and experience.
    • Avoid working with buyers who don’t perform.

lenders, escrow and other vendors

    • Conduct due diligence on potential clients.

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