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BuyerScout is a private real estate marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to transact deals.  We facilitate this process by giving sellers free access to our database of active property buyers.  Sellers can communicate the merits of their deal on an individual basis or en masse by posting a property for immediate distribution to all matching buyers. 

Get your property in front of real buyers who or actively seeking to acquire real estate.

Personal Residence Buyers | House Flip/Hold Buyers | 2-4 Unit Buyers | Apartment Buyers | Mixed-Use Buyers | Retail Buyers | Industrial Buyers | Land Buyers | Office Buyers | Student Housing Buyers | Cash Buyers | Institutional Buyers | Small Investors | Wholesalers | City Specific Buyers | County Wide Buyers…and more!


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Selling Process


Sellers market to the general public via a public listing service and passively wait for buyers to find their property. With no sense of urgency, this haphazard approach increases the likelihood of properties becoming stale during the marketing process.

New Proactive Approach


When selling real estate, time is not your friend. Interest or buzz is greatest when a property first hits the market. Front-loading marketing efforts to capitalize on this early momentum is a winning strategy.

BuyerScout rejects the old build it and they will come marketing approach. Instead, focus should be on getting property data into the hands of interested buyers in a timely manner. With BuyerScout, sellers and agents can now proactively search, evaluate and contact targeted buyers. Sellers can also "post a property" and have their deal instantly disseminated to corresponding buyers.

Get Access To Active Buyers

Property Buyers Post What They Want To Buy And Why They Are Qualified
Sellers and Agents Decide Which Prospects Are Worth Pursuing

Property Posts

Got a good real estate opportunity? Why not test buyer demand for your property? Or better yet, try procuring your own buyer? Post a property to get immediate exposure to our extensive buyer database.

Buyer Alerts

This free service is a powerful tool for sellers and agents.  Get email alerts to your inbox when new buyers on the platform post property requirements that match your alert critieria.  

Buyer Search

Search our buyer database to find bona fide buyers who are in the market to buy real estate. Our buyer-direct platform works as a stand alone strategy or in conjunction with other property marketing efforts

Who Needs BuyerScout?

Create a free property post and place your deal in front of active and relevant buyers.

Avoid commissions.  Find your own buyers, using our powerful search engine.

Get email alerts to your inbox when a new matching buyer posts a profile.

Research a buyer’s background and experience. Pick the most qualified buyer.

Directly communicate to buyers inside their profile.

Single online location for buying needs and qualifications.

Build your brand as a buyer.

Access to off-market listings, FSBO’s, price reductions and deals falling out of escrow.

Negotiate directly with sellers.

Spread the word that your an active buyer.

Make Connections with sellers and agents.

Get an edge in multiple offer situations by displaying your qualifications.

Find active buyers for your listings.

Boost commissions. Source your own buyers.

Investigate a buyer’s background and experience.

Avoid working with buyers who don’t perform.

Find buyers to assign over your deals.

Do research to weed out flakey buyers.

Conduct due-diligence for potential JV partners.

Check reviews to confirm a buyer’s reputation.

Buyer Profiles

As A High Dollar Investment, Successfully Closing A Real Estate Transaction Should Not Be Left To Chance.   Use BuyerScout To Evaluate And Pick The Best Buyer For Your Property.

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